Welcome Letter

First, we would like to thank you for trusting our welding training solution Soldamatic Augmented Training. We are completely sure that it is the best solution possible to take the next step in your welding training programs.

Our goal is to disrupt the concept of welding training around the world, by applying the cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology. We aim to do this by supporting our clients to achieve their objectives of qualifying more and better welding professionals.

Soldamatic Augmented Training is the first welding training solution in the world that applies Augmented Reality, offering the most realistic welding simulation.

From an Education point of view, Soldamatic Augmented Training improves the motivation and engagement of the student, thanks to the gamification concept. The Augmented Training Methodology provides the trainers all the tools needed to provide an individualized training program, improving the efficiency of the program and personalizing the learning pace. Thanks to the AR technology, the trainee can use real welding torches while reducing the risks.

From the Industry side, Soldamatic Augmented Training takes the company one step closer to Industry 4.0. It allows the training and retraining of professional welders in the most used industrial materials, processes and coupons. The latest development of Soldamatic is the possibility to develop personalized coupons, providing specific and valuable professional training.

As a dynamic and disruptive company, Seabery is always moving forward and working on new developments, therefore we value your feedback so much. We are always open for any enquiries, doubts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need it.

For further information, visit us at www.soldamatic.com

Enjoy your Augmented Reality Experience!

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